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14 August 2009 @ 08:14 pm
O Great God Anubis...  

Name: Morgana Sethe Mors
Nickname: Morgana. Stop giving me stupid nicknames, please.
Age: 16
Gender: Female

Likes: Good books (Twilight NOT included), the Night, the Stars, the Sky, music <3, hot chocolate, tea, winning, doing my own thing, a cloudy day, butterflies, the Rain, the Ocean, daydreaming, writing, people-watching, thinking, observing, simple things in life, dreams, my friends, myself
Dislikes: My useless siblings, most people (especially n00bs and trolls), the sun, school (because it kills your creativity), being bossed around, the situations where I can't rely on myself, being bored, CATS, discrimination

Strengths: Independent, dependable, mature, open-minded, quick-witted, witty, sensitive, creative, honest, bold, have a good sense of humor, accepting, understanding, cunning, unique
Weaknesses: Hot-headed, cynical, stubborn, moody, vengeful, can be indecisive, can be too much of a critic, can be arrogant, can be manipulative, being naturally intimidating, snarky, aloof, can be cold

Hobbies: Writing, listening to music, thinking, people-watching, observing, singing, laughing
Talents: Writing, singing, speaking (I can convince anyone of anything), have an amazing insight, a "walking lie detector", making friends (because it's easy for people to like me once they get to know me despite my intimidating aura)

Color: Black!
Animal: Snow Leopard
Season: Winter or Fall

Mature or immature? Mature, most definitely. But I had my immature times, too.
Introverted or extroverted? A little bit of both.
Leader or follower? Leader, but I can be a good follower under the guidance of a good leader.
Generous or selfish? Both, I think. I'm kind of generous, but I know the fine thin line between "generous" and "stupid". And sometimes I can be selfish if I want to.
Friends or family? Friends. I have an extreme love/hate sort of relationship with my family. I don't really like them, frankly.
Life or death? Death. It's not like Death is better than Life, but I prefer Death.
Peace or war? Peace.

Where do you feel most comfortable and why? In my bedroom, alone, because I can do my own things and enjoy the silence.
What are your goals and dreams? Why? I tend to dream a lot, but three of my most important dreams are finding my life's purpose and meaning (because my life isn't complete without them), find someone who could truly understand me (because I'm *cough* lonely *cough cough*), and living a successful life (because I wanted to live an EPIC life). Oh, I wanted to travel the world too, because I wanted to learn more about people's culture and of course, sightseeing~
Choose one word that describes you best? Authentic.

Which of these words appeals to you most?
[ ] Sun
[x] Music
[x] Destruction
[x] Sky
[ ] Earth
[x] Dead
[ ] Desert
[ ] Pharaoh
[x] Magic
[x] Wisdom
[ ] Embalming
[x] Justice
[ ] Creation
[ ] Cats

Anything else? Love is dead.
How did you find this community? Through other community.
Please post the links of three members you have voted on:
En, to, tre~
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Amyredhead1804 on December 13th, 2009 09:25 am (UTC)
I see Thoth